Women Warriors

You can choose which Elemental you want to RP with!


Elementians are female dimension-traveling, demon fighters who try to keep the world in balance. There is one elementian to a dimension. When they die, they get reborn and remember all of their past lives.


They are all Independent and are willing to RP with anyone. You don't have to RP with one muse because she is from the same fandom as your characters. All muses and mun are of age but Mun doesn't feel comfortable RPing smut so that will probably not happen.


There are five:

Jordan Kent, Elementa.

The leader. DC Unverse. Tracked Tag- daughterofKalEl

Khloe Scantson, Water.

Marvel Universe. Tracked tag- Shadowfrost.

Erin Miltin, Fire.

Inuyasha Universe. Tracked tag- Cathanyou

Nymphadora Maza, Earth

Gargoyle Universe. Tracked tag- Titaniasgift

Sam Oak, Wind

Pokemon and Naruto Universes. Tracked tag- WindsofFate


Mun is a nerd and loves it when people talk to her.

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