Women Warriors

You can choose which Elemental you want to RP with!


Elementians are female dimension-traveling, demon fighters who try to keep the world in balance. There is one elementian to a dimension. When they die, they get reborn and remember all of their past lives.


They are all Independent and are willing to RP with anyone. You don't have to RP with one muse because she is from the same fandom as your characters.


There are five:

Jordan Kent, Elementa.

The leader. DC Unverse. Tracked Tag- daughterofKalEl

Khloe Scantson, Water.

Marvel Universe. Tracked tag- Shadowfrost.

Erin Miltin, Fire.

Inuyasha Universe. Tracked tag- Cathanyou

Nymphadora Maza, Earth

Gargoyle Universe. Tracked tag- Titaniasgift

Sam Oak, Wind

Pokemon and Naruto Universes. Tracked tag- WindsofFate


Mun is a nerd and loves it when people talk to her.

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I know it’s just a drawing, but

So many feels for those who have lost a beloved pet


((Well, schnikes. Didn’t need to see this today. One week ago my doofbrain dog was put down… He’s probably in heaven talking all about his favorite human, Frea, and how when she gets there they will have the best of walks. Because she gives the best walks. Rest in piece you goober.))


I hate my work so much. But I barely have enough experience to get in the field I’ve got a degree in. I just want to make enough money to live moderately comfortably and not have humongous headaches from dealing with customers…. growing up sucks.


engineering is red

science is blue

command is yellow

this isn’t actually a poem it’s just star trek trivia

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((heading out. will be back on either today or tomorrow.))


I’m sick of getting dropped or ignored by some blogs just because my muse isn’t jumping and crawling all over them. there are things called enemies/platonic or just friends or whatever…. and i’m annoyed…so if you could just reblog this so that I can have a bit of reassurance about this..it’d be very appreciated

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The fairy drew her sword, a pin with a bead as the hilt considering her small size, and pointed it at the being in front of her. "Who are you?" she demanded, a jingle of bells sounding as she spoke.

Khloe blinked at the small fairy. “I’m Khloe. Who are you?” As a clothes maker she recognized the pin and knew that those suckers do hurt.


if u ever purposefully hurt an animal in front of me i will punch u so fuckin fast ill break the fuckin sound barrier dont fuckin test me watch ur back pal

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Are you sure about that? Seems like you always have a little something to do with the cold.


If I tried to make it warmer it would result in the world trying to balance it out by making the summer really hot. In my opinion cold is better because you can cuddle and bundle up.






Let it Go (Africanized Tribal Cover) Alex Boye Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir

You’re all wrong. This is the best version.





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Zarina turned cautiously towards the portal that appeared before her. Her hand quickly gripped onto the hilt of her sword, ready for what may appear. She hadn’t seen such a thing before. “Who’s there?” the fairy called out, not sure if whoever was beyond the portal could hear her.

Khloe fell gracelessly fell out of the portal and got up quickly to close it before she noticed Zarina. “Oh, hello.”



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A portal opened near Steve.

Steve looked towards the portal stepping back away from it.  ”Whos there’…”

Khloe dropped out of the portal and swiftly closed it with a swish of her fingers. She then slumped, “Whoa those teeth were huge…”